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Grace and I have been married for 15 years. We met at the youth ministry, Teen Mania, while serving in the kitchen as interns at their internship program, the Honor Academy. Later we would travel together all over the U.S. with around 40 of our friends from the Honor Academy and facilitate Acquire the Fire youth events. It was during that year of traveling where God made it very clear to both of us that we would walk through life hand in hand. On November 18, 2001 we said our vows, exchanged rings and were married.

After five years of marriage we had our first child. Our son Arden Ezekiel was conceived while we traveled throughout China. Thus, he was “made in China” like everything else. :)  Our daughter Eliana is a our one little princess in the midst of the boys. In July of 2012 we had our third child, Zion Reign. He is growing up into the silliest Parks yet. And last but not least, Salem was placed in our arms April of 2016. What a gift he has been to us all.

Currently we live on Bethany International’s campus in Bloomington, MN and enjoy an incredible community of people who love God. Grace is a full-time mom and homeschools all four kiddos. I do design and development on solo projects that people hire me for. But where I really love to implement my skills is the Daniel Training Network (DTN). I love that I can use skills I have for furthering the gospel to the nations, whether through resources on the DTN website or specific projects with those in the network who serve the Lord all over the earth.

As a family our desire is to boldly proclaim the good news of Jesus as the one, true Messiah, who laid His life down for us and who is coming back to make all the wrong things right! God’s desire to fully restore His creation when Jesus returns has gripped us, left us trembling and made His return something worth living for. Throughout many past years of various ministry positions we lived our life as though His return was a fairy tale or fable (listen to Richee share some of our testimony), and anchored our life and hope in this age and not the next.

We long to be consistent witnesses to the coming Day of the Lord like those in the Bible. Letting our lives be a sign through having cross-centered lives and walking in the powers of the age to come. Each day we try to intentionally access the grace of the Spirit in prayer to carry our cross, as well as declare our future inheritance and hope of bodily resurrection through signs, wonders, prophecy, etc.  Our family has sought to daily make prayer central in order that we might have the grace to sojourn in this dark, evil age as we live for the next age.












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