All My Faith Is In You

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Well, homeschool kicked in on Monday after weeks of preparing and locking in to exactly what this year’s curriculum would be. It’s been an eventful and fun first 4 days of homeschooling the Charlotte Mason way. And one cool thing is that my devo times with the kids are scheduled in with it all, making it even more fruitful than before. However, it has kept me from getting this post done and published for you all to see.

So, we have been slowly walking through 1 Peter and we stayed on chapter 1 for several weeks. This song came out of an overall declaration after leaning into 1 Peter 1:1-9 for over a week.

And through your faith, God is protecting you by his power until you receive this salvation, which is ready to be revealed on the last day for all to see…The reward of trusting him will be the salvation of your souls. 1 Peter 1:5,9

Faith used to be an abstract concept where I could “put faith” in whatever “blessed me” because God’s main purpose for me was to have a good life while I worshipped Him. Faith in winning the lottery, getting the best parking spot, having favor in the eyes of men, etc.

Then I began to actually read my Bible more than I listened to other’s opinions about the Bible. In the midst of that reading I realized that the Biblical authors had their faith in one thing, the Day of the Lord. A Day where the Anointed Messiah would show up, cleanse the heavens and earth of wickedness, establish His throne once again on the earth in Jerusalem and creation would be restored. God dwelling amongst man again in His fullness. Their faith was anchored on one Man who would come one Day and make God and man one again like in the beginning.

I quickly realized that salvation is found on one Day in history and not in a place up in the clouds at the point of death. And that a man’s salvation on that Day in history actually hinges on Him having real faith for that one Day and then living according to it. A sojourning heart that waits patiently, longing for the restoration of all things. Repenting when needed as a continued declaration of reestablishing faith in that One Day and One Man.  Faith, as I had known it for 30 years, actually anchored my faith in this age, causing me to live for “now” with no eyes on “then” and actually producing the opposite fruit of what faith in the Bible is supposed to produce: A tangible hope based on a real Promise that was made alive in one Man in history so that I would live according to the Spirit and be compelled to bare witness to the Day of His return.

With that said, this song is meant to encourage us to keep placing our faith and living our life in light of the Day of the Lord, trusting that He will follow through with His Promise to restore creation and that we might be rewarded with salvation on that Day as a result.

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