Bubble Tea Is Heavenly

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Several days ago Grace asked me not to fast on Tuesday, leaving me to wonder what she was planning.  Obviously I continued to ask why and what she had in mind for Tuesday night, but to no avail she wouldn’t budge on her little secret.

Well, Tuesday night finally came last night, and with much anticipation I asked one last time, “Where are we going and what are we going to do?”  Grace pulled up the computer and revealed the website of a place called The Tea Garden, where they serve bubble tea.  If you don’t know what bubble tea (or bubble fruit shakes) are, or have never tried one, then you are missing out.  

As you can see, I am taking the time to blog about my experience last night because it really was that good of a drink.  When Grace first revealed where we were going, I commented with something like this: “Is that it?” (Note To Husbands: bad way to respond to a surprise from your wife)  I wasn’t down on the idea of checking it out, but had never had any type of bubble drink and was thinking that maybe with a name like “Tea Garden” they would have massages or something relaxing like that.  


When we finally got to The Tea Garden, I looked at the menu and was overwhelmed by all the flavors and types of drink combinations you could do.  So, being the investigator I am, I asked the guy behind the counter what was most popular thing for each phase of the ordering process (and yes, there was multiple phases to ordering).  Eventually I ended up ordering the Peach Yogurt Shake w/Tapioca Pearls (sounds simple but it really is an experience just ordering the drink, let alone drinking it).


After picking up my drink, I reached to grab a straw and was disorientated for a second because the straws were really wide and big.  I’m pretty sure that I picked one up and stared at it for a few seconds, in bewilderment, without knowing it.  Any “regular” to The Tea Garden watching me, must have been chuckling under their breath.  

But the climactic experience of my trip to The Tea Garden was when I took my first suck on the straw and found a little chewy gummy thing end up in my mouth, along with the incredible peach yogurt shake!!  Wow!!! I don’t know about you, but anytime I eat gummy-anything, it makes me happy.  So, with every suck of the straw, I went to happyland. :)  I think the flavor of my shake was also key, and the yummy sweet peach taste made the gummies all the more exciting to me.  I couldn’t stop telling Grace how excited I was to take my next suck on the straw.  

Well, hope you enjoyed the fun-filled journey through Rich n’ Grace’s random date night.

Side Note: Grace and I played Gin Rummy while talking Jesus and other things…and I won. Just had to add that.hehe


  1. Oh how I love and miss you both! :) When are you coming to visit again or maybe I should come visit you… what do you think? Good job Gracie with your surprise date location it looks like it was a winner! :) I love all of your description words Richie :)

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