Bye-Bye Passy Party!!!

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When Arden was 4 months old, Richee said it was time for Arden to move into his own room. It might sound silly, but I was the one experiencing separation anxiety. But regardless, I gave thanks to the Lord for setting things up in such a way that I could say good-bye to my little boy slowly as he grows into a man and that it wasn’t something that happened all at once.

Well, the Bye-Bye Passy Party was another one of those occasions that caused me to have to say good-bye again. We had prepared Arden by letting him know that it was coming…the day when he would have to say good-bye to the passy, because he was no longer a baby. When we told him that cake was included in the deal, he was all for it. Until it was time to actually go to bed without passy. Well, a week and a half later, we are both still alive. It’s been a growing experience for all of us. You see, without passy, nap times have been almost none existent. And nap time for Arden meant nap time or work time for mommy. So, we are both experiencing withdraws. BUT we are both alive to say that it can be done! You can say good-bye to passy and be okay. It was the first time that a significant things was removed from Arden’s life and once again he had to ask the Holy Spirit to help him through it. Richee and I did what we knew we should do, but we could only do so much. We wanted Arden to know that the Holy Spirit wanted to fill the emptiness he was feeling. It was a sweet thing to walk through with Arden. Thanks Jesus for the journey. Jesus is after Arden’s heart…and I get to be a part of showing Arden the way. And a my heart get’s captured by God in the process. Blessings on you and your family!Explanation for the wide-eyed look: Arden had the whole piece of cake on his fork ready to shove in his mouth…I guess mommy made a good cake…hehe.

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  1. This was such a blessing to read! I love hearing the way the Lord has inspired you guys to shepherd Arden's heart! I can't wait to partner with the lord someday with my own kids. By reading this post and how you allowed the Holy Spirit to comfort Him was beautiful!!! Praise the Lord!

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