Yesterday morning my little girl was birthed into the world, leaving me stunned by God’s creative genius and overwhelmed by the amount of love that He places in the heart of a father for their child.  At around 4pm today, just 12 hours after the labor process had begun, it was my job to go pick up my parents (grandma and grandpa) and Arden (big brother) from our apartment in order to escort them over to the hospital to see...

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Perfect Timing

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My sweet little boy arrived 10 days past his due date.  It’s no secret that I’m hoping that this little lady arrives sooner rather than later.  I’m not complaining about this extra time that I have with my guys, just feeling very ready to meet my daughter.  I know she’ll come at the perfect time.  I trust the Lord’s timing.  Take for example, that she’s coming...

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