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Hey all! This is Richee and is my first attempt at giving you even more insight into our world of controlled chaos.  I knew that I had to blog this story for you all after it happened to me. It might not be quite as funny as Gracie’s last story of fishing around in the toilet, but hopefully you will get a smile out of it. I’ll make it short and sweet. Well, Grace flew out for the Onething conference on the 27th of...

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When Arden was 4 months old, Richee said it was time for Arden to move into his own room. It might sound silly, but I was the one experiencing separation anxiety. But regardless, I gave thanks to the Lord for setting things up in such a way that I could say good-bye to my little boy slowly as he grows into a man and that it wasn’t something that happened all at once.Well, the Bye-Bye Passy Party was another one of those...

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Howdy ya’ll, from beautiful NC.  We’re here visiting my family until Nov 5th.  We decided it was time to visit them again and help my mom eat her birthday cake on October 31st.  Happy Birthday MOM!!!For those of you who have randomly stumbled upon this post and for those of you who know us well, this is Sarah Grace Parks (Gracie) bringin’ the decaf side of the Parks family.  If you’ve met my...

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