Change CAN Be Glorious

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I say that almost as a declaration, because it truly can be glorious, if you trust the One bringing the change.

In the past 10 months there has been a lot of change in our lives. The great part is that the Lord had been preparing our hearts for this change in many ways. So when it was time, by His grace, we were ready to take the leap.

Our first leap was leaving Bloomington or more specifically, Bethany’s campus, which we LOVE because of so many, who have become family to us. It came as a shock to me because I thought we’d be at Bethany for a very long time. That alone jolted me. I hadn’t even thought past Bethany.But the Lord spoke several times in undeniable ways that we were to leave Bethany and live in community with the Miller family (Tim, Emily, Faith, Haven and Neely) in Duluth, MN. So we did. The Lord provided a big beautiful home for us. We had enough room to have our own corners, yet still be in each others lives. What an incredibly sweet time it was to be able to do this.

Well, as sweet as it was, it was challenging for me. All the uncertainty, boxes everywhere, figuring out meals, working together, sharing and the list goes on. I had no idea what to expect going into this new living arrangement, but I knew it would be good for my own journey with the Lord. He was doing all kinds of demolition in my heart. I just love that we got to go on this journey with some of the sweetest, most gracious people I’ve ever met.

During this time the Lord just began to peal back layer after layer in both Rich and I. It was also a hard but sweet time for our marriage. I’m so thankful for such a gracious husband!

When the Lord spoke Duluth, we also knew that it would be a short season there and that it would be a launching pad for us into the next thing. As we waited on the Lord for direction, we started hearing several different things. One was that we were to travel to eight different locations this year. Two, we’d have something like an RV to travel in. Third our first stop was Aztec, NM for three months. And fourth, our second stop would be Kansas City.

We left Duluth at the end of September and made our way to Aztec, NM. Richee’s hometown. We had so much peace knowing this was our first stop. We have loved this time that we have had with his family and have continued to experience the Lord’s touch as He once again peals back yet another layer.

On December 7th we will pack up and head for our next stop, KC. We will be sad to leave family and I’m sure there will be many tears. Leaving family will be bitter yet sweet, as we continue on this journey with the Lord.

Kansas City will be a sweet time for us as a family, based on it being our first time since April were we will have our own little space. I think during this time we will see, experience and learn many things about ourselves. And as we move forward in what we know God has called us to, we will continue to pray, listen and obey the best we know how.

We know where we will be this next year, but we don’t know WHEN we will be there. So if the Holy Spirit brings us to mind, please just pray that we would pray, listen and obey.

Why are we doing all of this craziness? This is crazy isn’t it!!!! Well, we truly believe that Jesus is returning soon and will resurrect the righteous to His earthly kingdom and resurrect the wicked unto hell. The days leading up to His return are going to cause many to either lean into Him or turn away from Him. I don’t want to turn away from Him. I want to be ready for His return. I want to know Him and know His voice. And He’s the only one who can help me make it to that day of His return in righteousness. His Spirit is the only One who can help Me, Richee, Arden, Eliana and You to endure to the end. So let us be watchful in prayer.

So, Change CAN be glorious, if it leads me to Him!


  1. Beautiful, my friend! Just like you. I love your heart before the Lord. Truly lovely.

  2. I’m with you, Sister! I want to be found following Him when He comes!

  3. Thanks for sharing! His return is always on my mind and I can’t wait to talk with you all about it more… WHEN WE SEE YOU IN PERSON!! I’m so excited!

  4. We’re excited to Erin! Can’t wait to say hey and hang with you guys!

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