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Hey all! This is Richee and is my first attempt at giving you even more insight into our world of controlled chaos. 

I knew that I had to blog this story for you all after it happened to me. It might not be quite as funny as Gracie’s last story of fishing around in the toilet, but hopefully you will get a smile out of it. I’ll make it short and sweet.

Well, Grace flew out for the Onething conference on the 27th of December and left Arden and I in New Mexico with grandma and grandpa to fend for ourselves.  However, it was only a few days later until it was our turn to get on a couple of planes and head back to “The Freezer” that we live in (Minnesota).

Side Note: In a few days the temperature is supposed to hit close to -40 with windchill in some areas, and I hear that it is pretty cold everywhere else. At one point last winter our city had the coldest temperature in the world at that moment. Can someone fire Al Gore. :) But even in all the frigid temperatures, I really love Minnesota! It actually has 4 seasons. Growing up in New Mexico, we had two seasons…hot and cold.

So, that day finally came and we had to leave a very sad grandma and grandpa. My mom was praying diligently for snow so we would be stuck. Unfortunately, all the snow fell right after we left, and seemed like a significant storm. Mom, you should have started praying just a little bit earlier. :)

Anyway, after flying to Denver for a short layover, we jumped on our next flight to MN. As we taxied on the tarmac, the stewardess announcements were done overhead. Little did everyone know what they were about to experience.

With the plane silent following the announcements and us sitting pretty close to the back of the plane, Arden begins to belt out as loud as he can, a very well articulated and laid out song about how he loves mac & cheese. Seconds later most everyone on the plane is turning around to see who’s singing. After he finishes his 2 minute song the plane is silent with heads still cranking their necks to watch my little boy who is now trying to stand up right before we take off.

Well, what do you do at that point as the father. You obviously look as though you have lost control of the situation, but still loving the cuteness of your child. After a moment of awkward silence with all still staring, I said, “Well…he really loves mac and cheese.” After I uttered that simple statement and shrugging my shoulders, there was a lot of laughter that broke out on the plane.

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  1. Hey Rich, That story just makes me smile. I wish I could have heard him sing. He knows how to spread the joy of the Lord. All those passengers got blessed!!!

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