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After living in evangelical Christianity my whole life, I’ve slowly been unraveling the fact that what beliefs I called my own, were really hazy, very unstable and poor theology. Most were built on someone else’s thoughts, study, etc through good sermons and great catch phrases. Some of those catch phrases I used to have in my theological framework are so unbiblical to me now. Whether it was in my conservative Baptist upbringing, the multiple non-denominational services I went to while on the road w/Teen Mania, or the Charismatic places where I did ministry, the haze just continued to get hazier in many ways. Someone always has an answer, thought or opinion to what you might be searching for, and will speak as the authority on the issue w/very little humility or meekness. Most of the time it only adds to the confusion and mess that you are already trying to clean up from Western Christianities messed up (Greek) worldview (Check out De-greecing the Church by David Pawson). But the deep longing of my heart was to know what His Word was pointing unto and understand the mystery that it says believers can have insight into concerning His will.

As I have recently slowed down life’s progress, sought to swim against the stream, and just made pursuing Him my mission objective (equaling success in and of itself), the longing mentioned above has began to be fulfilled above and beyond all the years before it, put together. The reason I started this post w/such an intro is because I am realizing that if we don’t touch the longing of His will for all of humanity and creation in the scope of what has been, what currently is and what will be, then ministry-based function will take on a form that feels justified yet gives very little to the end product.

I will soon blog the third, and last post, of Kingdom Vision Unto Mission, which will highlight the “ministry” piece of the puzzle. I haven’t yet found the time to lay it out in my blog, but will get to it soon. The month of July overtook me w/lots of teaching at Bethany House of Prayer and Bethany College of Missions, along side being w/Grace in the hospital 3 seperate times and Arden once. But God is so faithful and marvelous in how He interacts w/me throughout the days. I came out of the prayer room today, weeping over His goodness toward me. Thank you Father for granting me according to the riches of Your glory!!

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