EJP…What Does It Stand For???

Posted By on Oct 1, 2010 | 2 comments

As we wait for our little ladies arrival we thought we would share her name with you and what it means to us.  Eliana means “God is responding” or “God is answering.”

Besides the fact that many people prayed that I would have a girl and God answered, her name has an additional meaning to me.  I believe that one day Jesus the Messiah will split the sky, return and judge the wicked and the righteous.  On that day we will see God’s ultimate answer, receive our resurrected bodies and enter His Kingdom on this earth.  Meaning, I’m not just going to sit on a cloud somewhere and play a harp. But I’ll have a part in something far greater.  Which makes this life and how I live mean so much more…not out of guilt, but joy!

So to me, every time I say Eliana Joy, I’m going to be reminded that God will one day “answer” and send His Son to the earth to make all things new. And to prepare the earth for God to dwell with man once again as it was in the beginning. This is my hope and Joy!

Finally, let me share a vision that confirmed Eliana’s middle name for me.  One morning I was practicing “being still” before the Lord and had a vision of an angel (or the Lord) standing over me with His hand on my belly.  At this time I was sensing that her middle name would be Joy, but needed confirmation.  Well I made it home and Richee was listening to a powerful message were the speaker was talking about laying hands on your belly and praying for Joy.  I knew the Lord was speaking to me.  Not only her name but what He would do in my heart through this time.

So, there’s my story!  Love you all and hope you enjoyed it! 


  1. i didn't even know about the blog, for some crazy reason, but LOVE the name and can't wait to meet her! talk to you guys soon-


  2. Love it. God is so good.
    We love you guys.

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