Exciting Moments on the Airplane

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I just had to blog about what happened on one of our plane rides to Durango. Mommy got to sit with Arden during the first flight. It was so early in the morning that I figured he would pass out and then be wide away for the second plane ride, were he would be with Daddy. Hehe…NOPE! Didn’t happen that way…my plan had failed. Even though it turned out to be a pretty hard hour and 40 minutes, I was still really blessed by this one moment.

So, we got on the plane, Arden and I got settled in our seats and Daddy in his seat 7 rows back. As we waited to depart from the gate, Arden started to sing loudly, “God is big, God is big, God is very very very very big…etc.” My first response “inside” was to get Arden to sing quietly, but when he was finished I was trying to think of other songs he could sing at the top of his lungs about Jesus Christ the coming King! To my surprise, a man two rows up turned around and said, “Amen!” I wasn’t really expecting that…maybe a few half smiles, but not that. That moment made it all worth it! (I learn so much about myself when I travel with a two year old and have to sit in a small space for a couple of hours…but that’s another story.)

Arden loves to sing and he wont let me leave his room at bedtime without singing a few songs. Some are worship songs, some are made up songs were Nemo learns all about Jesus and obeying his daddy…etc. When I leave the room he starts making up his own songs. Singing is such a great tool when it comes to discipling kids. I love it! .

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