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Perfect Timing

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My sweet little boy arrived 10 days past his due date.  It’s no secret that I’m hoping that this little lady arrives sooner rather than later.  I’m not complaining about this extra time that I have with my guys, just feeling very ready to meet my daughter.  I know she’ll come at the perfect time.  I trust the Lord’s timing.  Take for example, that she’s coming “now” and not a year or so ago.  That, I believe, was the timing of the Lord.  Oh, the grace of...

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Big Boy

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The Lord is continuously discipling me through my relationship with my son. Lately Arden has been trying new things “all by himself”.  On this occasion, he was getting himself dressed.  How many times do I struggle through doing something “by myself” and it ends up looking like this?  I love how Arden is excited to try new things, but in this sweet moment I was struck with my constant need for the Helper.  Holy Spirit, teach me how to pray and to keep asking for Your help! 

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He Knew I Needed You

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Oh Baby, In the early years of our marriage, moments like this would have embarrassed me.     (At the Childrens Museum-3 weeks ago-trying on the childrens costumes.) But along the way I’ve realized more and more, I wouldn’t want you to try and be anyone else but you.  I love who you are as my husband, friend, love and who you are as a daddy.Not only did God know that I needed you, but He knew that Arden and our little lady needed you too.  To teach them your nutty ways, but most of all to teach them about...

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Good Buddies

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This is how Arden looks whenever his good buddy Abigail is around…  …not much has changed.  Thank you Lord for such wonderful friendships!

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My Boy…

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I haven’t blogged in awhile, so I have some major catching up to do.  Don’t laugh, but this blog dates back to March 13th – when Arden Ezekiel Parks turned 3 years old.  A friend of mine passed on some great pictures from Arden’s party and I wanted you to see a few. I just can’t get enough of his cute little face…and I feel the same about his daddy!!!!  :)Well, my little Arden…we had such a wonderful time celebrating your life and sharing your day with many wonderful friends.  I...

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Bubble Tea Is Heavenly

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THE SECRET Several days ago Grace asked me not to fast on Tuesday, leaving me to wonder what she was planning.  Obviously I continued to ask why and what she had in mind for Tuesday night, but to no avail she wouldn’t budge on her little secret. Well, Tuesday night finally came last night, and with much anticipation I asked one last time, “Where are we going and what are we going to do?”  Grace pulled up the computer and revealed the website of a place called The Tea Garden, where they serve bubble tea.  If you...

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Melt-my-heart Moments with Arden

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I just wanted to share a few moments from my week with the fam.  To start off, I wanted to share that Arden and I have hard days (days where obedience is not even on the brain) and wonderful days (when Arden just blows my mind with what comes out of his mouth).  Well, I just wanted to share a few of those moments we’ve had this week.  I’m doing this for my benefit too, because I will probably forget to write it down otherwise. Memory #1: I said to Arden, “It’s nap time.”  Arden then ran away like he does most...

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Arden Ezekiel Parks

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Arden will be 3 on March 13th and he shares a birthday with my brother Steven.  I was thinking about sharing a cool testimony of how the Lord touched me with this new baby that’s in my womb. However, I thought I would first start with the testimony of my pregnancy with Arden…my passionate, zealous, fully devoted, strengthened by God, little man.  I didn’t realize my wrong mindset of children until I found out that I was pregnant with him.  In fact, I remember thinking that I could have gone another 5-10 years and been...

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Cheesy Moment

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Hey all! This is Richee and is my first attempt at giving you even more insight into our world of controlled chaos.  I knew that I had to blog this story for you all after it happened to me. It might not be quite as funny as Gracie’s last story of fishing around in the toilet, but hopefully you will get a smile out of it. I’ll make it short and sweet. Well, Grace flew out for the Onething conference on the 27th of December and left Arden and I in New Mexico with grandma and grandpa to fend for ourselves.  However, it was only a...

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Not my kind of fishing…

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Arden has a nice little stool that allows him to step right up next to mommy and daddy to make faces in the mirror or brush his teeth. Well, it’s Sunday morning I was trying to get ready when all of a sudden I hear the sound of one of Arden’s favorite fire rescue trucks hitting the water in the toilet and sinking to the bottom. OF COURSE this would happen when I’m already running late for church…I hate missing worship. I knew I would forget to fish this beloved truck out and end up flushing it, so I found something I...

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