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We had fun last night singing, reading the Word and talking about Arden’s day and the choices he made throughout the day. We talked about why it’s important to continue to repent for our sin and believe that Jesus really is coming back to judge the earth.

In short, I wanted to just share a thought I had last night as we were putting Arden to bed.  This particular night he wasn’t very excited about sleeping in his room because he didn’t like the fact that he was the only one on his floor of the house.  (We live in community with the Millers and they are out of town this week.)  We had just finished praying over each other as a family, so I decided to distract him with reading books, leaving the door open, playing music, then I simply said, “Let me put sister to bed and I’ll come down and snuggle with you when I’m done.”  So I got Eliana ready for bed, put her down and then, before heading downstairs, came in the room with my husband and sat down at the computer for a moment.  I needed to make sure she was really going to sleep and part of me was waiting to see if he would possibly fall asleep too.  As I sat at the computer my wheels started turning.  I thought it was interesting that the one thing that calmed him was the promise that I was coming back. It gave him peace in the midst of the trial of sleeping alone.

I then made my way downstairs and sure enough he was already out.  He had fallen asleep reading a book I had given him.  Now I don’t suggest lieing to your kids to get them to sleep on their own.  I try to be faithful and do what I say I will do, however, on this occasion he had fallen asleep (a lot of times when I or his daddy find him awake we have great story-time and snuggle-time together).

The point I am trying to make is that Jesus is returning to make the wrong things right and if I rest in that reality then I can rest in whatever trials might come in this life.  May I continue to daily remember and believe that He is the returning Messiah who will make all the wrong things right, bringing justice to the nations in the days ahead. Strengthen me Lord by Your Spirit and give grace to fully believe in Your return so that I might rest in the midst of whatever hard times might be ahead.

I love you Arden!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! Wow! What a powerful message! Love you!

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