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a-kids-tongue-outMerry Chraaaaastmas sweet friends and family (with mouths wide open)!  This was the one pose that caught their attention long enough for me to snap a few pictures with all of them looking my way.  What a gift they are to me.  They keep me ever on my toes.  I pray that you and your loved ones are well this season and that you have amazing memories to share with those around you for years to come.  But first and foremost may we remember the Messiah’s life, death and resurrection, fixing our hope on His return where all things will be made right again, just as it was in the beginning.  Come Lord Jesus! Maranatha!

Well, I titled this post Loaded for good reason.  If you like your baked potatoes loaded…well, you’re going to love this post because it’s going to be LOADED with good stuff.  Buckle up buttercup as we journey back in time to not so long ago…JUNE 2013, Aztec, NM.

Ah.  June. The Lord brought us to Aztec last summer after Zion was born.  We loved being near family and it was the perfect spot to continue working hard on the things the Lord had placed in our hearts to accomplish. We lived there a little over 9 months.  As the end of our lease approached, we were growing a little curious as to what the Lord had next for us.  Would we continue to stay or was it time to move on.  The Lord began to speak very specific things to our hearts.  And as I “anxiously” waiting for the Lord to make a way for all of this to happen, I saw a beautiful plan unfold before me.  Everything dropped into place, including our housing. Mid June we moved to Whitmore, CA.

a-goat-herderFor a time away in the wilderness with our family to allow the Lord to do His work in our hearts. Oh sweet Whitmore. Wait!  Are those goats?  That’s right. Goat’s. Stubborn goat’s, chickens, a rooster and two dogs.  Don’t forget the huge bugs, spiders, bee’s and snake’s.  Heavens!  Not for this girl, at least, not yet.

We had many ups…


And downs…


Richee sang to goats.


And I made bread in the crockpot for the first time.


It’s ok to think we’re strange.  It wont hurt my feelings.  :-)

But in the end…what came forth from our time in Whitmore was…



There were so many things to be learned through hard work, lack of conveniences, being alone and dealing with naughty goats. But one thing that sticks out in my heart was the time we talked with the kids about what it looks like when we don’t abide in the vine…


and what it looks like when we do.


It’s very clear where those who don’t abide in “The Vine” will be.  And it’s very beautiful and clear that we will “bear fruit” if we DO “abide in The Vine.”  Help me Holy Spirit! Give US grace to “abide in The Vine” all our days, bearing good and lasting fruit so that we might be with you, Jesus, forever.

This brings us to September 2013, were the Lord called us back to Aztec.  Which meant packing up our things, yet again.  The one difference about moving back to Aztec this time was that our dear friends would be moving to Aztec along with us.  Which put a smile on our faces!


There’s just something incredible about finding a family that’s as crazy as you are. And BONUS, putting them in the same house so they can live in community and learn what it looks like to love. WOW!  I love the mercy of the Lord and how He leads us! He knows what each of us need and how to get us there.

We are absolutely loving our time being near family and friends.  I must say, this time around is quite different. Living in community holds you accountable to living out what you say you believe. We still fail everyday, but we have those around us that pray and encourage us in so many ways to stay on the narrow path and get back up.

Eliana turned 3 on October 7th.


We had a wonderful celebration with friends and family!  I love my sweet girl!  She’s as fiery on the inside as her red hair on the outside. And as much as that can pose a challenge on a daily basis, it’s also what I love about her. She is a bold witness of the gospel and loves to worship. She’s my sweet “cream filling.” My girl in between two amazing boys.

Speaking of my two cookie crumbles, Arden’s heart is as passionate as ever for truth and justice. I love his desire to bring things together and to create. He is doing great at first grade. I love my first born! Z-man is my snuggle buddy and is such a mamma’s boy. He’s quick to escape my view these days and likes to go to “new heights” every time I see him. He climbs. Boys are great!!

This season has also been a fruitful one in the area of homeschooling.  When I say fruitful, I mean that it’s been consistent. Last year, I grew discouraged and just gave up.  Not entirely. But mostly.  Now we have a great routine that works…most days.


What’s Richee doing with his time?  I’m glad you asked.

Richee at the computer working

My amazing husband is giving his time day after day to proclaiming the gospel through making resources available that clearly communicate the gospel in many different forms: websites, laying out books for print/ebook, as well as editing audio for children’s books that boldly proclaim the gospel. He also is helping with the details of planing a conference happening in San Francisco in April. Where would we be without the detailed tech guy? Not very far.

Honestly, in the past it was hard for me to see the value in what we gave our time and energy to. It’s not the norm and few understand and believe in what we are doing. But by the mercy of the Lord, I see now. We are doing exactly what He wants us to do right now. Richee doesn’t get a pay check for what He does but we trust and believe for the Lord’s provision as we faithfully seek to follow Him. There is nothing else I’d rather do than to give my life to love the Messiah and boldly proclaim the gospel as a mom, wife and friend side by side with Richee Parks. I love you baby! And I love that I get to do this life with you and our three amazing kids.





  1. I think I understand about not doing ‘the norm.’ It can be difficult to explain sometimes that I didn’t choose to go to school become successful by the world’s standards. But I believe in what you’re doing and my faith has grown from witnessing the faith of your family and others, who (very literally) follow as the Lord leads. It’s amazing. He’s amazing! lol

  2. Beautiful post babe. Love you and love getting to take this journey of a life with you beside me.

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