Meet Us

Getting To Know Each Of Us

  • Goofy 98%
  • Passionate 55%
  • Multi-tasker 72%
  • Techie 84%
  • Charismatic 60%



Richee Poustachio has always been a bit bouncy in his step with a crazy look in his eyes. :) Even though he can seem a bit overwhelming or even embarrassing at times, it really is the way he has been since God gripped his heart and rescued him out of quiet bouts of depression since childhood. He loves his homeland of New Mexico and enjoys doing being a husband, daddy, techie, gardener, videographer, web designer, guitar player, soccer player, etc.

Richee has fought to lead his family into a real Spirit-led devotion, rather than a theology of words void of lifestyle. Richee knows, oh to well, how easy it is to have language about something, yet walk completely outside its reality in your life. Thinking you are walking rightly when it is merely just a language on the lips. One of his greatest joys would be to enter God’s coming Kingdom at Jesus’ return, with his family right beside him in their resurrected bodies.


  • Silliness 72%
  • Thoughtful 84%
  • Chill 59%
  • Lovely 100%
  • Creative 92%



Sarah Grace is the sane one in the family that helps everyone else relax at times and calm down. Without her the family might self-combust. :) In April 2006 she realized that there was significant loss of sight in both her eyes. Her direct vision had suddenly become a big blur due to something called Histoplasmosis. Over the years she has learned to compensate for the loss of vision and there is a continual pursuit of healing from the Lord as a sign of the coming bodily resurrection at the return of Jesus.

Grace is a full-time mommy who homeschools and enjoys doing graphic design and videography in her few spare moments here and there.  She has one of the sweetest countenances you will ever find. And the longing of her heart is to raise her children as lovers of God and faithful witnesses to the Day of the Lord.


  • Goofy 72%
  • Giver 90%
  • Encourager 64%
  • Worshipper 70%
  • Creative 85%


First Born Son

Arden Ezekiel is an amazing servant and sets an example for his siblings on a daily basis. His joy for life could make just about anyone a little happier than they might already be. He always has a song in his heart about God and the return of Jesus.  He also really likes playing with his friends outside, reading books and eating candy. And he is growing in his ability to play keyboard and write songs to God.


  • Tickilish 73%
  • Fiery 82%
  • Beautiful 100%
  • Preacher 58%
  • Dancer 43%


Little Princess

Eliana Joy is by far our most outspoken family member. She loves sharing the scoop with whoever, on whatever. She is one sharp cookie. She takes such joy in tea parties and playing “house” with her friends.  She loves looking at books, being chased and tickled by daddy. And is the ultimate snuggler.  She is our passionate princess, who boldly speaks truth around every corner. We love her deeply!


  • Adventurous 90%
  • Silly 70%
  • Crafty 85%
  • Loud 90%
  • Fighter 60%



Zion Reign is probably the goofest kid in our family. He always ready to take his shoes off and splash in a mud puddle. His love for life pushes us all to step out. Mario and playing Wii is one of his favorite things to do when allowed. And he is our craft king. He loves drawing, coloring, gluing, etc any time he is given the opportunity. Our family loves him so much and are thankful that his name points to the Day when Jesus will reign in Zion.


  • Excited 80%
  • Gentle 60%
  • Quiet 5%
  • Cuteness 85%
  • Lovable 100%


All Smiles

Salem Gil is the youngest member of our family, which crowns him as the “Cutie King.” This boy has the love of all within our family and around our neighborhood. His goofy faces and smiles never end and he loves the adventure his siblings constantly create around him. We love our little boy and how his name reminds us constantly of our Messiah returning to destroy chaos, bring perfect peace to the earth forever while leaving us all to rejoice continually.


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