Melt-my-heart Moments with Arden

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I just wanted to share a few moments from my week with the fam.  To start off, I wanted to share that Arden and I have hard days (days where obedience is not even on the brain) and wonderful days (when Arden just blows my mind with what comes out of his mouth).  Well, I just wanted to share a few of those moments we’ve had this week.  I’m doing this for my benefit too, because I will probably forget to write it down otherwise.

Memory #1: I said to Arden, “It’s nap time.”  Arden then ran away like he does most of the time.  I slowly followed him (there aren’t too many places he can hide).  Moments later I found him in the kitchen, on his knees, face down, praying something like this…”Holy Spirit help me to obey…”  When I thought he was finished, I said his name. He looked up at me and said, “I’m still praying” and then he went back to prayer. 10 seconds later, he jumped up, ran to his room and dove into his bed.  One thing I would love for Arden to remember throughout his life is to ask the Holy Spirit for help, instead of thinking he can do this life on his own.

Memory #2: We were at preschool and a good friend of Arden’s was having a rough moment.  I then overheard Arden say to his friend, “Come here Abigail, I’ll take care of you.”  That was just a sweet moment that made me smile.

Memory #3:  Arden and I sat in the car while Daddy was filling the car with gas.  We were listening to a recorded worship set from IHOP, the lyrics went something like this,  “Blessed are the one’s with clean hands, blessed are the one’s with pure hearts, for they are the one’s who shall see God.”  We had the music loud with the windows down so Daddy could hear.  Well, Daddy got excited and was dancing circles around the car while we waited.  Arden LOVED it!  He laughed and laughed.  That moment just about brought tears to my eyes, because Arden was seeing his Daddy dancing wildly in a public place for Jesus, full of joy.  I’m so thankful for Richee and that God gave Arden such an amazing Daddy.

Memory #4:  Richee and I are talking in the living room this morning while Arden was eating his breakfast at the kitchen table.  As we were talking, Arden broke into song about Jesus and changing his heart and how He will bring heaven to earth and reign over us.  Well, we stopped what we were doing and just listened as he sang.  It was like he was singing over us.  Well, Arden just couldn’t keep still and he left his breakfast, stood in the middle of the kitchen and started dancing around in the kitchen worshiping Jesus…not even knowing how he was blessing us.  OH, I love that boy!

Like I said in the beginning, we have our hard moments where Arden is learning to obey and we have those moments that remind me that it’s all worth it.  There are certain moment where I’m reminded to lighten up on Arden and remember that he’s 3 and that’s how 3 year old’s act…and I then have grace.  It makes me wonder if the Lord see’s me the same way.  Thank you Lord for your grace in all my immaturity’s.


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