How You Can Practically Help

Being a missionary-type family, we rely on the generosity of others to sustain our life in ministry to others. So much of our ministry in the gospel is done by freely giving through different skill sets we have learned over the years, like web design, graphic design, administration, etc.

This page will be updated with pressing, unusual, or extraordinary needs that we have. If the Lord would have you give to any of these needs, we would be eternally grateful. Not only us but those who are receiving the gospel message all over the world via the technology we utilize to spread it.  Your gift can be tax-deductible or non-tax deductible depending on what you prefer (see the right sidebar). If you would like your financial gift to be given to a specific need, we ask that you leave us a note in some way, letting us know. The easiest way could be sending us a message via our Contact Page.



There is only so much my (Richee) little 13 inch Macbook Pro can do related to some of the things my projects require.

For example, at the Daniel Training Network Conference in April, my computer had to facilitate the live high definition web stream for all those viewing online. The computer was running at the highest level allowed for 3 days straight, not knowing if it would crash at some point. The live stream went well but the recording of the live stream for our conference archives and online resources wasn’t the greatest. Completely due to my computer lacking in the ability to do so.

You might ask, “Why do you need Apple?” Great question. There are several reasons but mainly because it streamlines with all other products I have and a lot of the products I have to utilize at events, etc. Another advantage to Mac is the 3 year n0-questions-asked Apple Care that takes care of anything that happens to my computer and has been amazing to have for my last 2 Macbook Pros.

Almost every day during this last season of projects, my computer was running “hot” based on me doing so much on it at the same time. I really need a computer with “4 brains” (quad core) or more, instead of just “2 brains” (dual-core).

Prices vary on quad-core Apple computers but currently I could probably get a refurbished one at the level I need for around $2500.

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