Not my kind of fishing…

Posted By on Jan 4, 2010 | 2 comments

Arden has a nice little stool that allows him to step right up next to mommy and daddy to make faces in the mirror or brush his teeth. Well, it’s Sunday morning I was trying to get ready when all of a sudden I hear the sound of one of Arden’s favorite fire rescue trucks hitting the water in the toilet and sinking to the bottom. OF COURSE this would happen when I’m already running late for church…I hate missing worship. I knew I would forget to fish this beloved truck out and end up flushing it, so I found something I wouldn’t mind throwing away to fish it out and we were on our way. Ever have that kind of moment? I’m sure there are worst stories. I just had to share mine…it was my first time fishing for a toy for my son in the toilet. Happy fishing!


  1. Haha! Way to go momma! Arden and his little fire-truck are forever in your debt ;) I must confess… I've done the same thing…. with my cell phone… yup. Had it in my pocket and out it slid and into the toilet bowl! Ick!

  2. HAHA!!! Claire, I've almost done that so many times! Thanks for sharing. Love you guys!

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