Daniel Training Network

Posted on Jul 15, 2015 | 0 comments

Daniel Training Network

Since 2010 when Daniel Training Network (DTN) was started, Richee has been helping administrate in whatever ways the Lord leads him. Since that time we have seen the resources on the DTN website impact people all over the world on a regular basis. Our family has personally been encouraged and spurred on in following the Lord’s leadership because of the variety of resources on the DTN website.


Please pray for Richee as he works through the different projects of DTN. Each project brings a different facet from the world of technology and at this point he has no team and handles all training, each detail, program and process on his own. The impact of what he does related to the gospel going forth into the nations via the online resource center is immeasurable and cannot happen except through prayer.

Even now, stop and take a moment to pray for God’s grace to be on Richee as he labors in the gospel.

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