The Kid’s

Posted on Jul 15, 2015 |

The Kid’s

It isn’t just the adults in our family that have projects and things to do. The kids have been up to a lot themselves. The video below gives you insight into their own world and what they’ve been up to.


In New Mexico it always seems hard to connect with other families. Whereas, in Minnesota we have to make sure we don’t connect too much and lose sight of our own family time. We having a solid Biblical community here in Minnesota that loves well, prays well and listens well. And living on the property of our friends, the Krauses, has been phenomenal because they have six children of their own that our kids get to play with every day. Not to mention acres of farm property that we live on and the kid’s play on.

So our prayer is that our kids would learn how to live life with their friends and have their own community built on the Gospel. That has been a huge desire of ours for quite a while and Minnesota gives that desire some feet.

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