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Arden ran up to me a moment ago and said, “I’m going to get some meat and cook it.” HAHA!!! He’s totally quoting a line from his Bible Stories video. I giggled and thought to myself, “I’m sure raising this boy right…Hey Arden, throw a rib-eye on the grill for me!”

So, that’s the silly side. But seriously, this little boy is teaching me so much. I’m challenged daily and even moment by moment, by just watching him. I see me in him, which isn’t always a good thing. I see his beliefs coming out when he’s playing with his toys, his friends and when he interacts with us. I’m encouraged and amazed some days, and every once in awhile, totally discouraged. Help me Holy Spirit to shepherd my little Arden’s heart to love You Jesus and to endure to the end.

What does that look like for my son at the age of two? I know it has partly to do with how he see’s me live. But Holy Spirit, You are the one who can capture my son’s heart. Come Lord Jesus and capture Arden’s heart!

I had a revelation at Lego Land at the Mall of America a couple months ago. I was just thinking about all that I wanted to do and all that I wasn’t doing to shepherd his heart (getting overwhelmed a bit), and I just heard the Holy Spirit whisper, “Just ask me each day what I desire to speak to him.” Immediately I was flooded with peace. As I look back on this moment, the Holy Spirit encountered my heart, and I’m reminded once again that I can’t do it alone…I forget so easily. Thank You Lord that I don’t have to do it alone.


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  1. Oh how true, Gracie. You don't have to do it alone. The Holy Spirit is there to guide your steps as you lead that little guy to walk in the paths of righteousness. However, there may be times he steps off the path a little, but I believe that he has an amazing headstart and he is moving ahead with gusto, love and joy. You are an amazing mom and Rich is an amazing dad. You are blessing Arden's little life as he is blessing yours.
    Love you. Iola

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