Resurrecting My Blogging

Posted By on Sep 20, 2010 | 0 comments

Long time no bloggy. 

Recently I realized that I had fallen away from my original intent of starting this blog, which was to bring forth what was burning in my heart whether anyone read it or not. However, based on an increase in pleasing man, seeking to make my communication extremely clear (perfect in a lot of cases), having perfect formatting and/or wanting the blog series to be fully developed before posting, I had lost most of the desire to pick this back up.  

And let me also blame some of my honors English teachers from throughout high school, that drilled into me a perfectionist tendencies when it comes to laying out my thoughts. Grrrrrr……  Mrs. Higgins if you ever read this, you’re excluded from the last sentence. :)

So, no matter what causes deflation in getting thoughts to my blog, it is the same process that has caused other blogs of mine to become casualties.  And I won’t let that happen with this one!! My original intent of this blog was the thing that allowed me to start it…where I wouldn’t have to cater to anyone but just get the thoughts from my studies out there for the sake of processing the revelation that was hitting my heart.  

So basically I’ve found myself becoming hindered in typing my thoughts over the lack of perfection desired in my blog attempts, and I must go back to “raw Richee” if the blogs are to continue. There will always be naysayers and nitpickers, but if I am to obey what God placed in me for this then I better get to it. I will continue with my posts surrounding the subject of salvation with an occasional tangent in subject but the posts will not be as “perfect” as I originally had hoped. 

No more apologies for my blog. Time to move forward.

If you are one who grows increasingly irritated and angry at inconsistent formatting, run on sentences, bunny trails or an occasional really long post, then my blog probably isn’t for you. Never say I didn’t warn you. :) If those things aren’t a huge deterrent to you, then stick around and see what happens.  

Well here goes.

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