Richard “P” Parks

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Words, words, how do I put into words my deep love and affection for you?  I know holidays have come to mean very little to us.  You’ve challenged me to let go of the pressure and expectation around holidays and just love and honor each other all the day’s we have breath in our lungs.  But…today, as I look at these pictures of you with our kids.  I can’t help myself.  I truly am thankful for you.  The love of the Father is in you and that love amazes me.  I love how you love.  Our anniversary of 10 years is just around the corner, but it feels as those we have just begun.  There is so much more of you to take in and there’s no end to this beautiful journey of knowing you.  Sure there are bumps, hills and even the mountains we’ve faced and are yet ahead of us, but there’s no greater journey than this one with you.  Thank you for taking my hand and the little hands of our children and leading us on this journey as we move forward towards the day of our coming King.  I love you Richard Patrick Parks!  For that is who you are!  :)

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