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Marching Foward – Moving To Duluth

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Marching Foward – Moving To Duluth

Probably most know that my family and I are moving to Duluth on March 31 but wanted to share for those who didn’t know.  Yep…in 2 weeks we move.  I just got back from my second trip of house hunting in Duluth and there are a few details getting ironed out but overall we have found housing.   I have had many ask me about our move, as well as have been surprised by the suddenness of it all.  Grace and I can relate to the surprise and suddenness as well but have no doubt it is what the Lord has for us.  PREFACE: MASSIVE HEART CLEANSE...

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Trickle Down Theology

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Some days I am blown away by how trickle down theology affects massive numbers of believers/church attenders throughout the Western Church.  One contributing factor to this pondering comes from reflecting on my own church upbringing as well as the wide variety of churches & believers I have seen in my past years of traveling with ministries.  The seminary student bound for pastorhood reads theology books based on a Platonic worldview. They then graduate, are voted in as pastor of a church and begin to teach that which they learned and...

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As you dive into this blog post, I wanted to set a foundation of remembrance on the key thing when it comes to revealing the state of our heart reality.  I believe it is the posture that Mary took in Luke 10:38-42 that will never fail us when it comes to where we stand before the Lord.  If we place ourselves before Him then He will continue to tenderly reveal the truth that lies in our hearts.  Prayer is central to remaining in Him unto the Day of His appearing! Language of prayer separated from action in it, leaves us deceived in...

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Without going to deep into the Western Worldview and Greek philosophy, I feel as though I need to address and skim over Platonic influence within current western Christianity. I don’t want to give a comprehensive overview but wanted to touch on it because it definitely factors into how we see God’s governmental covenants with His creation and ultimately view salvation. The main point that I want to address concerning Platonic thought and it’s influence on Christianity is how it affected our perception of Genesis 1:1. How you...

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This blog post was basically written in one day but got pushed aside for weeks before I could tweak it some.  For the brave souls willing to read this, here you go. SIGNS AND WONDERS WITNESS TO COMING RESTORATION In a previous post I briefly mentioned God’s covenant with creation and in a future post I hope to give a solid Biblical anchor on how God will NOT annihilate the creation He has made, but restore it.  God in His full glory will again dwell with man on the earth we now live on.  Until then, I want to launch off that point into...

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Resurrecting My Blogging

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Long time no bloggy.  Recently I realized that I had fallen away from my original intent of starting this blog, which was to bring forth what was burning in my heart whether anyone read it or not. However, based on an increase in pleasing man, seeking to make my communication extremely clear (perfect in a lot of cases), having perfect formatting and/or wanting the blog series to be fully developed before posting, I had lost most of the desire to pick this back up.   And let me also blame some of my honors English teachers from throughout...

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Being Saved – Covenant Part 1

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Other posts connected to this series: Part 1 – “Intro” & Part 2 – “Once Saved Always Saved” QUITE A DOOSEY It has been a while since I have taken on the blogosphere. Why is that? Well to be honest, it is because my first topic of understanding Biblical salvation is quite a doosey…COVENANT. It could easily be a blog series in and of itself, but for now I am aiming to tackle it in a few brief posts and realize that it is a feeble attempt. There have been many times where I wanted to jump to the more...

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A few nights ago I watched the Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson with some friends.  I know that this movie was produced and directed by a fallen man, just like the rest of us, but was struck with the portrayal of Jesus’ humility nonetheless.   After a year of God redefining my heart and life in so many ways, this movie came alive to me unlike any other time I have watched it.  And the Easter story now makes sense at a whole other level to me…the tensions between Jesus and the Pharisees, the interactions of Jesus with Pilate,...

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Being Saved – Once Saved Always Saved?

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Being Saved – Once Saved Always Saved?

To see part 1 of this series, click here. I used to think that studying the Bible for the purpose of pursuing theology, was for the scholars, rabbis, theologians and those who felt called to that type of in-depth study.  Now I see it as essential to every believer because a person’s theology (knowledge of God) and then belief in that theology, leads to their praxis (how they live their lives day to day).  For me it has become an issue of life or death when it comes to life and death following this age.  My previous post, which was the...

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Being Saved – Intro

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Being Saved –  Intro

Some day our time in this age (internship of a life) will come to an end.  And everyone, whether clear or ambiguous, has a concept of what the next age will look like and we live life now, based on the results of “then.”  The end is always framed through some type of worldview and no matter what belief system we come from there is always a beginning of creation (cosmogeny), a brokenness of that creation that then needs some type of salvation (soteriology), and an end resulting in restoration of that creation (eschatology). Generic...

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