Smoothie Time

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During our short few months in Kansas City, Grandma and Grandpa Parks practically moved to KS for two months.  Several things happened while we were there.  Zion was born, Arden had his burst appendix removed, I had a birthday and also got mastitis with a 104 degree temperature.  We wouldn’t trade our time in KC for anything.  We had such a wonderful time with old friends, new friends and of course our family.  I was so overwhelmed by the love we received while in KC.  Thank you so much to all of those who loved on us in so many ways.  You brought us meals, drove us around, loved on my son in the hospital, held my new born, prophesied over us, prayed and encouraged us in so many ways.  So this brings me to “Smoothie Time.”

While Grandma was around smoothies were in abundance.  It all started with Grandma and her Vitamix.  Since we’ve moved to New Mexico, smoothies have continued.  I stuff spinach, fruit and coconut or almond milk in my Magic Bullet.  Everybody loves “Smoothie Time.”  And I’m happy because my kids are getting veggies without their knowledge. :) Sneaky.hehe

As I pondered this one day while driving to the store, I began to see a spiritual connection to smoothie time.  My kids will drink the smoothie with no problem. But if I put a salad in front of them, “HELLO!”, complaining and whining. I began to understand the importance of them seeing, touching and personally putting the veggies in their mouths to chew.  Just like it’s good for them to experience Jesus for themselves.  To see, touch and even chew on His words.  It’s personal.  I also thought about the importance of them seeing me spend time with Jesus…in different circumstances.  Whether its with Arden while all the others are napping.  Or with Eliana as we drive in the car.  Or with Zion before I put him to bed.  Jesus can be seen, touched and personally experienced by my children.

Setting all things aside, even children and husband.  Jesus I want to see you, touch You and hunger for what is good…You.  And bonus, I’ll lead my children at the same time in doing the same things. Praise the Lord!

By the way, Smoothie Time will commence, but so will putting live food before my children that they can see, touch and taste until the day when they choose it for themselves. The same goes for their relationship with Jesus.

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