Strong Love

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This afternoon I had two out of three of my children napping and I decided I would take advantage of the silence no matter how long it lasted.  I grabbed my journal and my iTouch and sat on my favorite couch…my only couch.










One of my favorite albums to listen to is Strong Love by John Thurlow.  Today I just listened to #6 Fountains over and over again.








The Lord used the lyrics to this song to really encourage me.  John sings, “I(Jesus) have everything you need, just keep coming back to Me (Jesus).”  Today I want to use these words to encourage you.  If you’re having a wonderful day, keep coming back to Me.  If Mondays are a hard day for you, keep coming back to Me.  If it feels like your world is falling apart, keep coming back to Me.  If you just failed again, Jesus says,  keep coming back to Me.  If you’re like me and had a rough start to your week and want a do-over, He says, keep coming back to Me.  Remember He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. The reward of our hearts being made ready for His coming.  And at times, the reward of Him showing up the very moment you look His way.

I’m slowly learning that when I realize I’m weak its actually a good thing because I then realize I have need for a Savior.  His love is strong but I will only realize this if I keep coming back.

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