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Richee Poustachio has always been a bit bouncy in his step with a crazy look in his eyes. :) Even though he can seem a bit overwhelming or even embarrassing at times, it really is the way he has been since God gripped his heart and rescued him out of quiet bouts of depression since childhood. He loves his homeland of New Mexico and enjoys doing being a husband, daddy, techie, gardener, videographer, web designer, guitar player, soccer player, etc.

Richee has fought to lead his family into a real Spirit-led devotion, rather than a theology of words void of lifestyle. Richee knows, oh to well, how easy it is to have language about something, yet walk completely outside its reality in your life. Thinking you are walking rightly when it is merely just a language on the lips. One of his greatest joys would be to enter God’s coming Kingdom at Jesus’ return, with his family right beside him in their resurrected bodies.


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