The Parks Family: Decaffienated

Posted By on Oct 30, 2009 | 2 comments

Howdy ya’ll, from beautiful NC.  We’re here visiting my family until Nov 5th.  We decided it was time to visit them again and help my mom eat her birthday cake on October 31st.  Happy Birthday MOM!!!

For those of you who have randomly stumbled upon this post and for those of you who know us well, this is Sarah Grace Parks (Gracie) bringin’ the decaf side of the Parks family.  If you’ve met my son or my husband there is really no question about the meaning behind the main title of this blog, but for those of you scratching your heads…well, let me explain it this way:

So, just this afternoon we (Richee, Arden, Grandma and I) walked into a nearby Starbucks and my husband, being his usual self, bounced in all excited and the lady behind the counter thought he must be on his second or third cup of coffee, but actually he had not had any…and my two year old was asking for a mocha (we settled for an apple juice).  It’s never boring with those two and as for Grandma, she kind of faded into the background…pretending she didn’t know who we were.  Hehe…just kidding, but she did conveniently disappear.  Love you Mom!

And then there’s me.  According to me, I’m a pretty “chill” person.  The blog title defines more my personality than my preference in coffee.  I don’t even consider myself a real coffee drinker.  I like a little coffee with my cream and sugar/sugary creamer.  I think that the real coffee drinkers are those who take their coffee black.  Sick.  But personality wise, decaf defines me pretty well. 

Now, having said all of that, I just wanted to officially WELCOME you to our blog.  I look forward to keeping you informed on our wild and crazy adventures as a family on a regular basis.  I’d also like to make a little announcement, this is my VERY first blog and my very FIRST time blogging…ever.  As I blog, you may begin to realize that grammar was absolutely NOT my favorite subject. I was more a math and science person.  But more than these, I want to be know for being good at loving Christ and loving others.  Work in progress.  Blessings! 

Here are a few pics from our time here in NC so far:


  1. Love it! Have fun in NC, sorry Bryan and I won't get to see you guys before we take off! I'm excited to keep up with you all through all the many ways of keeping in touch there are out there! Love you guys!

  2. Good first blog, Grace. Decaf, sure, but still intense. :-)

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