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I’ve just come to realize that I don’t blog much because I read so many other peoples’ blog posts.  I have plenty that is swirling in me on a daily basis that I could probably write a blog daily, but don’t have the time to.  So, until my next attempt at blogging on something even remotely interesting, check my Twitter tweets and/or Facebook statuses.  Those encompass and sum up much of my ponderings, deep thoughts and funny life adventures…usually in 140 characters. Oh how I burn on the inside to write on some of those little glimpses that I put out through social media each day. But until then, I wanted to highlight and share some of the blogs that I have been investing my time in reading.  There are others and maybe I will highlight them in a later post, but I will leave it with this list for now.  

So, when you don’t see a post from me for a while, these are a few of the writings that take more time than maybe they should, but are well worth my investment.  They are in no particular order, so enjoy perusing through them.

The Horsmans – Dave, Janet and the Prophets  

Dave Willcock – Hope Springs Eternal: all the days of dave…

Matt Hartke – While It Is Day

Kurt Johnson – My Long Time Friend

Jen Lawrence – Heartbeat: Reflections From The Prayer Room 

Randy Bohlender

Matt Hedrick – Blog of my pastor

Nita Steiner – A Mother To Many…Including Myself

Truman Falkner – the deep thoughts of man

Hope Currey

Josh Hawkins – The Sun Will Rise: Prophesying The Return of the King Malachi 4:2

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