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Some of you might have some questions of what we as a family are doing these days. Good question.  A lot has happened since the last update and I have simplified two posts to give the “WHAT” and “WHY” behind this season of life.

As most of you know we headed to Duluth, MN to live in community with the Miller family at the beginning of April. To see my past post on the transition to Duluth, click here. There is so many great things that could be said about our time there but that will have to wait for a later date or highlighted on Gracie’s new blog. When we headed to Duluth we knew that the Miller family would likely be heading to Kenya Africa before the year was done and at that point we as a family would need to either move into a new place within Duluth or head on to somewhere else depending on what we felt the Lord saying. Well it became pretty clear in late July/early August that Duluth was merely a transitional place for what was next in God’s heart for us as a family.

Uhaul - April 2011 moving to Duluth; Van/Trailer - September 2011 moving to New Mexico; Truck - December 2011 moving to KC

To simplify this post, after much time in prayer during our time in Duluth, the Lord revealed to Grace and I that we were to travel to several different places over the next year. Without all the meticulous details, we felt confused for a time during the process of listening to the Lord because we were so focused on “the next place” (singular) the Lord would have us go, while getting some significant nudges about multiple places. Prior to all that there was a prophetic word spoken over us in context to this next season. It had to do with the game “Bingo” and all of the sudden the B.I.N.G.O would line up and we would “scream BINGO”. Basically that we would see things line up and understand what the Lord was saying. And that is what finally happened to us in the context of seeking Him out. We were looking for one place to transition to and He was pointing to multiple places that we would be traveling to over the next year. BINGO!!!

There is more to the story but that gives the general idea of “WHAT” we are doing this year. We currently are doing just what I said and are traveling to multiple cities. We just arrived at our second destination this year and are in Kansas City, MO near the International House of Prayer for mainly the month of December and will leave in early January. Our first stop was in New Mexico, where we spent time with my family there. Hopefully I will be able to blog around that some point soon. Really, we see these first two stops preparing the way for what will start in January when we begin living in a travel trailer. Right now we are living in a little one bedroom apartment for the month and being refreshed by some incredible people. Sunday we attended a great house church, have had a few chances to jump in the prayer room as a family and for the first time in 9 months we are not living in the same house with others (not that it was bad living in community).

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  1. Praying for you guys!

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