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Referencing back to my previous post The GuitarI started playing guitar for the sole purpose of leading myself in times of worship to God. However, little did I know then what I know now; that leading my children in worship would become a huge part of my focus in the years to come. I can read them the Bible and talk to them about it till I’m blue in the face. In fact, I’ve solely done that in the past when it comes to our devotional times. However, I have found that if that is all I do, they are almost lifeless in knowing God but can spew knowledge I’ve taught them about God. I know from my own upbringing, that without my heart engaged in the living God and knowing Him alongside the Scriptures, that as I grew up, God became “a decoration I wore” while living my life for this age. I knew how to “act the part” of being a western Christian but definitely didn’t pray to God (except at meals and when asked at church) or live for Him. He was about as important as school but not as important as my video games and friends.

So, over the years through trial and error, we have found that our children actually engage life differently when they engage God and the Scriptures through times of unstructured singing and prayer. It seems like there is never two days that go the same (though I try) when it comes to our devotional times together. And for this OCD guy who grew up doing everything the same way every day as a form of security, I now like the variety that each day holds when it comes to worshipping with the kids. For example, yesterday our devo time ended with Arden weeping over God’s love and mercy toward him in his struggles and failures (because he struggles with perfectionism). And then today is what you can hear below. Drastically different times of worship following our time in the Word but I believe both brought a smile to the Lord’s face and caught the attention of His eyes.

Right before I started worship

So, to preface the audio, today was a beautiful sunny day here in New Mexico. The kids were already outside digging in the dirt and playing, so instead of pulling them inside to do devo time, I asked if they wanted to do it outside. Of course they screamed “Yes!!!”

Now there are all kinds of distractions outside in our back yard but some days distraction actually causes them to engage far more and receive at a deeper level. And some days it doesn’t. Some days I know that fighting to get their full attention would drive them away from the Word and the Lord. And some days it wouldn’t. It’s not a perfect science and really drives me to the Spirit for leadership each day.

Picture taken right after I stopped the audio recording

Picture taken right after I stopped the audio recording

So as soon as I jumped on the guitar and began to strum, Arden began singing. All while holding a shovel and digging in the dirt. His singing at the beginning is faint on the audio but it’s there and grows throughout.

I love so many other things about this audio and it sums up why we have made this such a priority in our family. Whether it be Zion playing percussion before I ever start strumming, Eliana praying as she goes in circles around me with the Razor, Zion trying to sing the song when I start singing, Eliana and Zion finding a beetle and it becoming everyone’s focus for a portion of our time while I sing solo, Arden rejoining me in singing and echoing what I sing, Arden then singing his own song to the Lord and ending with the shovel going into the dirt.

It sounds like a mess doesn’t it? But I know with all my heart that it is something so beautiful before the Lord and is leading my children to true fellowship with the One that matters most.




  1. I LOVE this!!!

  2. Me too Tania. The audio brings a smile to my face.

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